Politics In Antigua

The political landscape of Antigua is a playground dominated by two families prior to and post independence from great Briton in 1981. The rivalry between the Bird and Walter families was a by-product of the trade and labor union wars fought in the sixties that resulted in the birth of two political parties. VC Bird and the ALP lost the first national election to George Walter and the PLM in 1971 in a historic election that subsequently changed the country and started the George Walter era of political autonomy.

The PLM ruled Antigua for five years, but it was a turbulent landscape for the George Walter to navigate amiss the many snares and booby traps left by VC Bird and the ALP. After getting reelected in 1976, ALP and the Bird family had an unbroken monopoly on political power and opportunities that they used to enrich and anoint themselves as the exclusive owners and post colonial rulers of Antigua.

Family Monopoly On Government

The Bird family ruled Antigua without any checks and balance for so long, that by time the UPP took office in 2004 they inherited a practically bankrupt economy and a political landscape riddled with dangerous slopes, cracks and crevices. Nothing was off limit, the Birds reigned with impunity, threatening and persecuting any one who dares to challenge their glaring corruption and political incompetence.

In retrospect, George Walter accomplished quite allot in his five year term in spite of the political scandal that cost him the election in 1976. Apparently, the PLM party had a vision and practical economic plan to make Antigua a more self reliant country by promoting and assisting local business endeavors, but the efforts were constantly undermined and sabotaged by ALP supporters.

A brief assessment of the economic progress in Antigua under the ALP for the past 30 years reveals irrefutable evidence of a stagnant and volatile economy. The country is industrially crippled and unproductive after moving from a semi self sufficient economy at the end of colonial rule, to an independent country with an unstable economy total dependent on a declining tourism industry.

After gaining political independence in 1981, Antigua politics was dominated by one family and an antiquated political party of Intellectually constipated politicians who seek to feather their nests and make promises they cannot fulfill. History has proven that a family dominated government of any country or state is a recipe for disaster. Unchecked political power inevitably leads to corruption, misuse and abuse of public office.

The amount of scandals and allegations of corruption in public office by politicians and political parties in Antigua havent led to anything other than costly public inquiries that produces more questions than answers. Is it an acceptable practice in Antigua for politicians to rule, rape and plunder the country without any consequence for unlawful and criminal activities?