Counties Of Newport RI

Counties Of Newport

The counties of Newport, Rhode Island, are Middletown, Portsmouth, Tiverton, and Little Compton. Newport is located on the southern end of Aquidneck Island in Narragansett Bay and around 30 miles south of Providence, the capitol city of the ocean state.

Newport City

Founded by Nicholas Easton, William Coddington, John Clarke, and others in 1639, Newport is a diverse community with a rich history and cultural traditions. The city is a favorite vacation destination in Rhode island for visitors from around the world annually

Newport County
Middletown county is a vibrant business and residential community with parks, schools, recreation facilities, private and public beaches. Middletown is gradually becoming the new commercial business center of Newport.

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Portsmouth is a seaside town in Newport founded in 1638 by a relegious group of descenders that was fleeing from religious persecution by the puritans in Boston, Mass. You can visit the town of Portsmouth website for more.

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Tiverton is one of two Newport counties not located on Aquidneck Island. The town is located at the eastern end of Narragansett Bay and extends to the north on Mount Hope Bay.

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Little Compton is perhaps the least populated county and the smallest historical town of all the counties of Newport, Rhode Island. Learn more about Little compton from the website