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Computer Virus & Worms

Two of the greatest threat to every computer are viruses and worms, which are nothing more than computer programs that someone wrote either for the fun of it, probably out of curiosity, or for nothing more than malicious and destructive intent.

Although some virus and worms are harmless the majority can cause allot of problems and in some cases deadly. Some Viruses and worms can display nonsensical messages on the screen, some can make the keyboard work erratically. and some can delete files or a entire hard disk.

While viruses and worms don't always damage, they are always unwanted on your computer, so it is alway a good habit to constantly scan your computer for viruses, worms, trojan horses, ad-ware,and spy ware programs that sneaks into your files without you knowing. You can find good Computer Security Software for sale on the web.

How to Protect Your Computer

How Different Viruses Infect A Computer

Viruses may use one of the following method to infect a computer.

File infecters only infect programs such as wordperfect or Microsoft excel. A file infecting virus only spread when you run an infected program. The two most common way to spread a file-infecting virus is through a removable disk like a Floppy, a Zip, a CD, or even by email.

Parasitic Program Infecters

A virus has various ways of infecting a file. It can attach it self to the front or back of a file, or it can easily position itself in the middle of a file. If it deletes parts of the file its infecting, it's called an Overwriting virus.

When a virus attaches itself to the front or back of a file, it doesn't really harm the infected file, usually it changes the size of the file. This type of virus is known as a parasitic program infecter and can easily be recognized by the change in the file size. Your best way of detecting a virus infected file is to run an anti virus program.

Overwriting Virus Infected Files

Overwriting virus are a bit more dangerous, they can damage or destroy files by literally alter any files that they infect and replacing some of the program's code with their own. If you run a program infected by an overwriting virus, usually the program won't work. Overwriting viruses can often escape detection because they infect a file without altering the size.

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