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Antigua And Barbuda Independence Day

Antigua and Barbuda gained Independence from Great Briton (England) on the 1st November 1981 retaining HM The Queen as its Head of State. She is represented by a Governor General HE Sir James Beethoven Carlisle, GCMG, OBE and Deputy Mrs. Yvonne Maginley. Fair Antigua and Barbuda is the official State anthem of Antigua.

National Anthem

Verse 1 Fair Antigua and Barbuda We thy sons and daughters stand, Strong and firm in peace or dangerTo safe guard our native land. We commit ourselves to building A true nation brave and free. Ever striving ever seeking Dwell in love and unity.

Verse 2 Raise the standard! Raise it boldly! Answer now to duty's call To the service of thy country, Sparing nothing, giving all Gird your loins and join the battle 'Gainst fear, hate and poverty, Each endeavoring, all achieving, Live in peace where man is free.

Verse 3 God of nations, let Thy blessings Fall upon this land of ours; Rain and sunshine ever sending, Fill her fields with crops and flowers; We her children do implore Thee, Give us strength, faith, loyalty, Never failing, all enduring To defend her liberty.