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Caribbean Musicians Bands Artists

Caribbean music is a powerful artistic and rhythmical force powered by a diverse population of native peoples and cultural heritage. The vibration of Caribbean rhythms are felt around the world in the sound of the Bongo Drums, Steel Pan, Calypso, Sokah, Reggae and other indigenous music genres.

The most exciting and fun filled events in the Caribbean are the annual carnival celebrations. These festivals celebrates the end of slavery in the Caribbean and they are the biggest events and the only time when the full arsenal of Caribbean talent and cultures are on display, so It's a good time to visit the Islands.

To learn more about the peoples, cultures, and history of the Caribbean you have to go there to experience the mosaic of colors, costumes, and music of Carnival in the Caribbean. Carnival brings out the best of the music performing artists, costume designers, steel bands, arrangers, musicians and bands in the Caribbean.

Music Promotion Online

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