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What is DHTML?

DHML is a browser based technology used to add realtime interactivity to website and web applications.


DHTML is a unique combination of different Markup Languages applied with standard compliant web technologies that allows for more interactivity on a webpage. The D is for Dynamic, while regular Html, Javascripts, DOM, Java and CSS are combined to produce what is refered to as Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language. DHTML.

DHTM Is Not A Markup Language

DHTML is not a derivative or sub-set of the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). It is more less just another one of those subjective marketing strategy coined and perpetuated by Netscape and Microsoft. The D is just a letter-phrase added to html in an attempt to describe the incorporation of new technologies ostensibly designed to enhance the interactive capabilities of their versions 4 and later web browsers.

With the ever increasing power of the web and expanding users requirements, web developer are always seeking for new ways and technologies to overcome the limitations of static Html pages. These combined technologies were created as client-side applications to allow your webpages to act and react to the users in real-time without returning or reloading from the web server.

Html and Javascript are can be defined as official standard web languages, yet there is no defined standard or official definition for DHTML. Think of Dhtml as a tecnology. By embracing the original intent you, give recodnition to the purpose, advance the usage of the technology and help to complete the mision embarked upon by the developers.