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Website Content Evaluation

Providing good content and accurate information from credible sources is the primary objective of Anbanet. However, the value of the content and its ability to satisfy the information requirements of the user will vary for different audiences.

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This article is fundamentally neutral, objective and exploratory. It is a compilation of data from different sources and does not serve as a comprehensive resource or authority on website content evaluation. Given the polifaration of fake news and disimformation, you may find bits and pieces you can put to good usage once you take a few minutes and read it.

Electronic and Print Media

The Internet is a virtual library consisting of an unlimited amount of information gathered from various sources. How do we address issues of accuracy without verifiable sources is the questions been asked by many publishers and online information consumers.

Are there any criteria for evaluating Internet information? Should we question the credibility of material found on the Web? Yes! We should always question or, at least be skeptical of the information we consume on the web. For webmasters and website owners it is extremely important to verify the source of information published.

Websites Content Evaluation

People use the web to publish all types of information, but can it be verified? How much of it is accurate? The qualitative controls normally exercised by the print media are often lacking in some online resources and publications. This makes it more difficult to evaluate because you can't evaluate what you cannot verify.

The information is only useful if it can be otherwise verified. In the absent of verification, the author and website information takes on an extra significance. Should we evaluate electronic information more so than that of the print media material?

Evaluation of web resources should begin by assessing the source of the content, and the format, the primary considerations being accuracy, authority, coverage, currency and objectivity. These are just some criteria you can use in the process, but there are different techniques for evaluating the content of Webpages on the internet.