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Island Infrastructure Statistics

Antigua is the largest of the Leeward Islands in the eastern Caribbean and was a major naval dockyard to the British fleet in the Eastern Caribbean in the late 18th century.

Climate:Antigua can be described as tropical and humid, and Barbuda arid. The islands have an annual temperature of 24 degrees Celsius (75 F) and remains constant throughout the summer and winter. The average annual rainfall is 42 inches, but drought can be a factor.

Ethnic Makeup: Antigua population is primarily people of African descent with a diversity of British, Portuguese, Lebanese and Syrian stocks comprising the Ethnic Makeup. Get more on the history of Antigua and Barbuda.

Education: Compulsory schooling from age five to sixteen. The majority of schools are funded by the government, with some assistance from religious groups. There are a total of 72 primary and secondary schools in Antigua. In 1972 the training colleges were merged to form the Antigua State College.

Entry Requirements:  A valid passport, Birth certificate, or drivers licence with a photo ID is acceptable

Electricity: 110-220 volts Most Hotels have 110 volts

Taxes and other Charges: There's an 8.50% government room tax, restaurant service charge of 10.%. and an Antigua departure tax of 13.US dollars.

Corporation tax: Incorporated, registered or continued companies are charged a 40% tax on profit.Unincorporated businesses pay a 2% tax on gross income. However, the first $4,166 of gross income in any calendar month is exempt.

Property tax: Tax on residential properties is based on the current construction replacement cost of the property. In addition, there is a surcharge (0-20%) depending on zoning regulations.

Commercial Tax: Commercial - hotels are taxed at a rate of 1/5 of 1% of their taxable value. Other commercial properties must pay 3/4 of 1% taxable income.

Export duties: Antigua and Barbuda does not impose any export duties, except for those on lobsters, sea island cotton, sugar, molasses and fish.

Red cliff Quay: A preserved and picturesque water front area where you will find historical buildings, a variety of restaurant, tax and duty free shops.

Government Political System

The House of Representatives has 19 members, 17 members elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies, 1 ex-officio member and 1 Speaker. The Senate has 17 appointed members. Candidates are chosen by local parties, through national party organisations - which must approve local candidates. Candidates are not required to live in the constituencies in which they run; the candidate with the most votes wins the constituency seat.