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Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride Natrum Muriaticum

The homeopathic remedy prepared from ordinary salt has a profound and long-lasting effect on the body's metabolic processes. It is especially suitable for chronic complaints. Other homeopathic cures, this remedy is generally prescribed to relieve ailments in people who exhibit certain behavioral traits.

It is thought to be especially appropriate for frail, excitable and irritable people who suffer from sharp mood swings or emotional outbursts. Such people have a very low tolerance for hectic and frenzied surroundings or any sympathetic attempts to comfort them. Their symptoms are typically exacerbated by sudden noises or loud music.

Sodium Chloride (Table Salt)

Sodium and chloride—the components of table salt are among the most important essential minerals and are vital for normal cell function. In homeopathic practice, sodium chloride is known by its Latin name, Natrum muriaticum. In its homeopathic form, sodium chloride can also alleviate a wide range of complaints. Foremost among these include nervous tension and migraines. Sodium chloride is also used to treat pain, weakness or unusual weight loss. Like

Sodium Chloride Type

The person most likely to benefit from this remedy typically has a very frail constitution and pale, shiny skin. The face has a sickly pallor. A scaly or crusty raised rash is often present, especially at the hairline and behind the ears.