How to Make Swedish Bitters

Swedish Bitters Herbs Combination

Over 200 years ago, the Swedish physician Glaus Samst was the first to blend a mixture of healing herbs that is now available under the name "Swedish bitters." About 40 years ago, this elixir was rediscovered by Austrian herbalist Maria Treben, who used it to cure a variety of illnesses.

The bitter elements of the mixture contain the healing power, and there are many combinations of herbs that can produce this effect. In addition to the main components, which include aloe, camphor, myrrh and rhubarb, Swedish bitters may also contain plants or minerals.

Swedish bitters is not a wonder drug. Many of the therapeutic indications described by Dr. Samst, such as the ability of the bitters to cure cancer or heart disease, have no medical foundation. Still, the bitters can be quite helpful in the treatment of digestive complaints, anemia, inflammation and wounds.

How To Make Swedish Bitters

Mix about 'A Ib. of Swedish bitter herbs (card back) with 2'/2 pints of 80-proof grain alcohol. Set the mixture aside for 14 days, making sure to shake it each day. When it is ready, filter the mixture through a fine sieve to remove any solid residue from the liquid. Fill small bottles with the liquid, cover them tightly and store them in a cool place The longer the elixir sits, the more potent it will be.