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Indoor Outdoor Garden

Welcome to Anbanet plants directory. The select menu contains a list of the different types of Sage from the salvia officinalis family, and a unique selection of plants herbs and spices from the Caribbean and around the world.

Sage Garden Herbs

If you believe in the healing power of herbal medicine as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, the site features a unique collection of articles with information about herbal teas, essential oils, roots, and medicinal plants used as natural remedies and treatment for certain type of ailments.

Planting Fruits And Vegetables

An Indoor or outdoor garden is a safe, healthy and economical way to grow some of the plants and herbs that plays a vital and important part in our daily diets, so you don't have to get them at the supper market. You can learn how to grow eatable plants, fruits and vegetables that provide some of the escential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that our bodies need from the comfort of your home.

Cooking With Herbs And Spices

Today, most of the popular recipes for healthy foods contains some type of exotic herb and spices in the ingredients. Fresh Garden herbs ads a unique flavor to your cooking and enhance the taste of foods, so make some time and start your own herb garden, watch the Iron chefs on Tv and learn how to cook with herbs and spices.

Sage is one of the most used garden herb around the world. Visit the herb garden for more information about the different variety and many usage of sage, and find links to websites where you can shop online for sage products.