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Linden herbal Tea

Linden Flower Tea

It's said that the linden tree, or Tilia americana, stores the warming rays of the sun in its honey-sweet blooms (also called lime blossoms). When the delicious tea prepared from these is drunk, it instills the sun's warmth in the body, causing one to break out in perspiration. Natural healers have long exploited this effect.

They give hot linden-flower tea to induce sweating—the body's way of cooling itself—to help reduce fevers. In fact, in folk medicine it is often referred to as "fever tea." The tea has many other health benefits as well: It helps to alleviate coughs and colds, stimulate the appetite, reduce anxiety, relieve insomnia and ease painful cramps. Because this tea has so many uses, it is a valuable everyday remedy for any household.

How To Make Linden Tea

Pour 7 cup of boiling water over 7 tsp. of linden flowers, and then steep for Wmin. Sip this flavorful tea—as hot you can stand it—3 times a day to reduce fever and to promote perspiration.