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Native Drawing & Motifs

Ameridian Art was religious art designs warded off evil spirits and appealed to benevolent ones. Their pottery was very elegant, with decoration flowing with graceful lines. It is marvellous to think the Amerindians, who lived on our islands from about the time of Christ for about 1,500 years, had only flint, stone or shell tools to work with. They were a people with time on their hands, and took pride and pleasure in making beautiful things.

Drawing Objects Motifs Designs

Drawings were carved into rock at special places, as at bathing places or cave shelters. They were intended to guard against evil spirits. A petroglyph is the present day term for a rock drawing. The only known petroglyph of Antigua and Barbuda is to be found in a cave in Barbuda.

At the Museum,  a folder showing various designs found on pottery may be obtained. These designs can be used in modern day handcrafts. It is so much better to use our own native motifs rather than designs from Hoboken, Honolulu or Haifa! Look at these, Mostly from Antigua & Barbuda.  They are part of the brochure obtainable at the Museum of Antigua & Barbuda.